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Advanced Voice Systems focuses on the communication needs of small, medium and large businesses, offering a range of solutions and services spanning the entire enterprise market.

Advanced Voice Systems offers solutions from Mitel, NEC and Siemens ISDX Realitis, covering voice technologies including Cloud Based Solutions, VoIP, IP Telephony, contact centres and unified communication solutions, tailored to meet our clients’ needs, while continually providing cost saving as well as a competitive edge.

The world of communications is often unknown to most enterprises. Telecommunications is vitally important to any company and its operations as well as one of the highest cost factors for any business. Advanced Voice Systems has the technical staff and solutions to provide you the best possible advantage for your telecommunications strategy. We believe that the road to IP telephony, cloud communications and converged communications is not always a complete replacement of all communication systems and we have the ability to migrate existing telephony platforms into the application world of Cloud, IP telephony and converged communications.

Advanced Voice Systems is a service and solutions organisation with a vision to be a leader in the converged technology space and believes in a unified communications world where telephony with a business grade of 5 9’s uptime is the basis of any solution.

The Company

The Company

Advanced Voice Systems was established in 2004 after the necessity for a focused voice solutions provider in the telephony space was identified. We provide solutions spanning the entire enterprise market from small business to large corporates...

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Advanced Voice Systems believes in establishing a needs analysis for individual businesses and providing bespoke, cost efficient solutions. Both our solution sales and services are delivered using proven methodologies...

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