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A virtual telephonist is a service that professionally answers calls with your company name, transfers calls, or takes messages on your behalf. It ensures excellent customer service even when you are unavailable.

A Cloud Hosted Telephone Solution stores your business's phone system in the cloud, reducing on-site hardware and allowing employees to receive calls anywhere. Advantages include cost savings, flexible remote work, and reliable performance.

An On-Premise PBX system is located within the business premises, with all equipment on-site. Unlike Cloud Hosted solutions, it requires physical hardware and is ideal for businesses seeking full control over their phone system.

Advanced Voice Systems offers a range of solutions, including VOIP, SIP Trunking, Fiber, LTE, and wireless connectivity. These options provide cost-effective, high-quality communication services for your business needs.

When relocating a PBX system, it's essential to plan ahead, ensure proper infrastructure is in place, and minimize service interruption. The requirements may vary based on the type of PBX phone system.

Opting for refurbished telecoms equipment allows businesses to save costs, extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure, and maintain functionality through Advanced Voice Systems' rigorous refurbishment process.

Advanced Voice Systems provides de-installation services, responsible recycling, and can offer destruction certificates if required, ensuring proper disposal of old equipment.

Advanced Voice Systems offers various CCTV solutions to meet security needs, and state-of-the-art Wi-Fi options, both meshing and stand-alone, for improved connectivity within the business.

Advanced Voice Systems offers comprehensive finance options for qualifying clientele, allowing businesses to create predictable budgets and enjoy the full use of equipment at a lower cost. The finance solution covers various telecoms equipment.